Gov. Murphy Took Your Rights, Choices & Freedom

Tell Him to Give It Back!

New Jersey Senate Republicans

PETITION: Tell Gov. Murphy to Give It Back! #GiveItBack

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Governor Murphy has taken too much from New Jerseyans since the start of the pandemic.

Governor Murphy took an extra $4.6 billion in taxes from New Jerseyans that the State wasn't expecting and doesn't need. GIVE IT BACK!

Governor Murphy took power from the people and their elected legislators by granting himself emergency powers and ruling by executive order. GIVE IT BACK!

Governor Murphy took away parental rights by issuing mask mandates for toddlers and children and by imposing extreme new sex ed standards on our schools. GIVE IT BACK!

Governor Murphy took vaccine choice from workers and threatened their jobs with unnecessary mandates. GIVE IT BACK!

Governor Murphy took economic freedom by issuing orders and directives that destroyed one-third of New Jersey's small business and still threaten even more. GIVE IT BACK!

Governor Murphy took away our safe streets by releasing 40% of state prison inmates into our communities, leading to a surge in crime. GIVE IT BACK!

For each of the things Governor Murphy has taken from us, you can send him the message to GIVE IT BACK!

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